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DFB - German Football Association relies on the digital Esports platform from STARK Esports for its eFootball commitment

DFB eFootball – #WeStayAtHome

How and where are amateur and professional clubs, professional, amateur, and hobby gamers centrally located? How is a Germany-wide, digital eFootball game operation managed and run? These and other tasks are solved by the Esports agency STARK Esports with its turnkey platform solution The Esports Software, short TES.

STARK accompanied the DFB from A to Z during the development of the TES platform. With TES, the DFB is one of the first in the market to take advantage of the opportunities offered by digital football and its combination with community, commitment, and content.

Thanks to the completely autonomous white label solution from TES, the rights holder is entering into a new, long-term customer relationship with partners, fans, and the gaming community.

Digital Football - eFootball

“The place for all home games” – this is the new eFootball platform and home ground for hobby gamers and professional athletes. With lots of news, statistics and streams as well as top duels between young and old in the coming weeks, a new home for all eFootball gamers in Germany is to be created. The platform enables FIFA and PES players to find new players and opponents – for the next 90 minutes or the next derby in front of a sold out crowd.

With its own hashtag #WePlayAtHome, the DFB also wants to set an example in the current times and not only create a new offer for all eFootball gamers throughout Germany, but also take on social responsibility.

TES Frontend
DFB eFootball Platform – Frontend

Customer Gains

  • All important components of the DFB-eFootball ecosystem on one platform
  • Premium solution through trustful cooperation
  • Methodical transfer of know-how from STARK to DFB
  • Own Esports ecosystem in White Label, which leaves nothing to be desired


Sichere Plattform aus der Cloud

With TES, STARK Esports presents a novel solution that fills the existing gaps in the esports and gaming sector in an innovative and customer-oriented manner. TES enables leagues, tournaments and events of any size and in a wide variety of formats commonly used in Esports to be planned, organised and implemented. The possible integration of news, social media channels and livestreams offers an additional added value. Thus TES is much more a kind of “hub” than just a pure tournament platform.

TES Website
TES Website

TES is much more than a pure tournament software, but also acts as a hub for the respective esports and gaming community, which can directly access and interact with news, content and entertainment modules (e.g. gamification). Of course, TES is also responsive for mobile devices.

A unique added value on the market, especially for companies and rights holders, is the possible branding of the platform in the respective corporate design. This makes it possible to individually design leagues, tournaments and events in the respective corporate colours and to send messages to the technology-oriented community in a targeted manner. Commercial modules such as the possible integration of advertising material are also part of TES as standard.

Information about The Esports Software

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