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since 2000

Our passion for gaming goes back many years – the time of Counter-Strike (the original), Warcraft, and for some of us even Mario Kart. As time went by, the fun of gambling turned more and more into the idea to help shape the gaming industry on a professional level.

In 2015, we made history virtually overnight by accompanying VfL Wolfsburg, the first Bundesliga club of the time, into the world of sports – a new market was born. Since then, Esport has almost become mainstream and we have written countless concepts for brands, developed digital software solutions, organised events from A to Z and created tons of content for our partners. Sure: Always motivated and humbled to improve every day (the only way to survive in a fast changing ecosystem like Esport, by the way…).

With our four locations and about 40 employees we have become one of the leading providers in the e-sport market and today we support numerous national and international brands and rights holders. Our focus is on consulting, digital solutions, production and creative services such as content, graphics, motion design and much more in Esports. Talk to us and learn more about how we would navigate you through the Esports jungle.

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Global Headquarters, Bochum (DE)

  • consulting & client management
  • production & events
  • creative solutions


Headquarters Switzerland, Wallisellen (CH)

  • innovation & technology
  • consulting & client management


Biberist (CH)

  • production & events
  • Innovation & technology
  • creative solutions


Novosibirsk (RU)

  • Innovation & technology


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    Consulting & client management

    Let’s face it – have you already found a satisfactory answer to the following (or similar) questions: “What is Esports?”, “how can I best reach the Esports community?”, “how do I combine Esports with my traditional marketing and how can I best bridge the gap to a fully digitalised world? We have one or two ideas so that you don’t have to go on rolling foils but can implement them successfully!

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    Innovation & technology

    Yes, we are nerds – day in day out in best company of 0 and 1 and yes, we are proud of it! What drives us is the conviction that the Esports market is far from being fully professionalised in this field. Far too many hours we ourselves have had to suffer from lying servers or not really well thought out and working matchmaking platforms. Problem recognized, decision made: We develop our own solutions!

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    Production & Events

    Esports does not only take place on the big stages, which are now even attracting attention in traditional media. The basis for the full arenas in the most diverse games is always the respective community and the grassroots movement. With our production crew, we are happy to and successfully implement small to medium-sized live productions, broadcasts and full tournament and league operations.

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    Creative solutions

    The key to being successful in Esports as a brand or rights holder is to understand and speak the language of the community. Our passionate team of creatives (content creator, graphic designer, motion designer and video editor) knows what works well and what doesn’t (sorry Facebook…). We love to create stories and realize them with our partners – in Esports mostly stories that would be too risky for traditional marketing…


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